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What is your leadership philosophy?

I am a big philosophy nerd, and when it comes to leadership, I have been on the journey to find what my leadership philosophy is.

As a writer, I decided to brainstorm what philosophies align with me. Here’s the vomit that came from the paper.

🥜 Jahin's brainstorm 🥜

To be an anchor for those lost at sea

To hold onto hands that are shaking in fear

To be the light for those that aren’t able to see

to inspire a generation of hearts

to be a visionary

to be a torchbearer

to be a catalyst

to be a mouthpiece

to be a conveyor of meaningful messages

to be a megaphone for those underprivileged

Living life for oneself is great,

But when we decide to put our interests aside to make someone else smile,

Even for a brief second,

That is a job well done.

(Can you tell I'm a poetry nerd as well?)

In a nutshell, my leadership philosophy comes down to accepting the multiplicity of passions and ambitions that I have in my life, and ensuring that it is servitude to others. To lead with kindness and drive high standards.

But there’s a problem. This all sounds wayyyyy too romanticized. It sounds like a fairytale of “doing good, and being good”. Life is not linear, and it comes with turmoils and tribulations that are unfathomable to even comprehend.

And so I scrapped that paper and ventured into more introspection. An eye-opening venture was when I was part of a student leadership program that was organized by the peak bodies of my degree. Instead of going through clinical practices and learnings, this program deviated into the philosophies and motivations behind what it means to be a leader.

The main takeaway here was that leaders are only as firm as their values.


That’s what I was missing in this context. I was so hell-bent on the outputs, that the inputs weren’t there. And so with further introspection, here are the 3 core values that make up my leadership philosophy, and one’s that I feel you can also relate to, and build on yours.

The 3 values involve:

💎 Integrity

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. To not be swayed by external factors that break your roots, but rather assert boundaries and work with meaningful and purest intentions in every walk of life.

❤️ Kindness

The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. We are nothing without the people we care about. Being kind to others is good for our soul, and who doesn’t want to make a positive impact in someone else’s life? What is there to life if not for the community?

🧨 Impact

To be influential in all efforts. I have chased the idea of “please take me seriously” when I was younger, and now I value influence in a positive, impactful lens more than anything. We work to serve the greater good, in all walks of life.

So, now I ask YOU, what are your leadership values, and philosophy? Have you figured it out yet, or are you on the journey towards it?

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer.

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