• jahintanvir

The greatest compliment that I have ever received

I started this journey in advocacy and building a meaningful career post-high school with the goal to “leave a positive mark on at least one person’s life”. That’s what pushes me forward.

Being named a finalist for the 2022 ACT Young Australian of the Year was one of those things that felt too surreal to even comprehend. It was a compliment that I still can't fathom to understand the gravity of. Thank you to everyone who I have worked with and continue to work with, to my mentors, to the new relationship who check up on my work and are my virtual cheerleaders, to my parents, and to everything that takes their time to read some kid's goal of adding value and wanting to be the person I wish I had seen growing up. The people are what makes it all worthwhile.

As I embark into this new year as a 21-year-old, the same intention remains firm. To leave a positive mark on at least one person’s life.

Very important P.S. Why do I look like an unkept sloth in the photo? Sorry, that's even disrespectful to all the sloths in this world. Well, add the strain of perennial lockdowns, barbershops being closed, and gaining emotional weight over the second half of 2021 - it doesn't leave a sigh to behold. Have no fear, bounced back from all of that in ultimate glory now (I think!).