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21 lessons I learned at 21-years-old

This is actually taken as a screenshot from a video project that I was part of titled 'What I would tell my younger self'. I didn't just take this photo for this blog post. I'm not that weird.

My name, Jahin, means wisdom beyond age - sagacity in its purest form. Staying true to my parent's wishes, here are 21 lessons I learned during my lifetime so far:

💣 Discomfort is your best friend

  • The more you overcome and do things that make you afraid, the more resilient you will become at handling the hardest situations. We only grow in those moments of utter discomfort and away from our comfort zones. Our best wins come from periods of utter irritation and moments of “I hate this feeling”. Lean into it.

🚀 Self-belief is the fertile ground for the miraculous

  • I have learned that you can actually accomplish ANYTHING. It’s just about how much you are willing to sacrifice, and how much do you believe that you can accomplish that.

🌅 Abundance mentality

  • There’s enough for everyone, including yourself. Believe in that, and you will always feel that you are enough and you are doing enough. Emptiness only pervades when you feel scarce.

📠 Build your body like a machine

  • Physical health is interdependent with your mental health. Spend time working out, building solid foundations and the confidence and ability to function at high levels will be unmatched.

🌏 You can change the world...

  • ...By changing one person’s life at a time. The world is synonymous with people. If you can change the notions and inspire change in one person, you can create an invisible ripple into many. That’s the power of influence.

🥺 Your mental health is your responsibility

  • No matter how much help you receive, or the knowledge you attain, you need to put that into action to help your mental health. Your actions and attitude are reflective of your mental health.

👁️‍🗨️ Don’t take constructive criticism from someone who has not constructed anything.

  • Read that again.

🃏 Non-attachment is the secret to relieving stress

  • Don’t tie your personal happiness to an arbitrary metric like your income, assets, numbers, followers, or perception. You are more than that. Detach yourself, and relieve that pressure.

🧡 Never chase, attract

  • Every time I have pursued something/someone or the idea of something/someone, it always feels difficult. It feels like everything is against me, and frustration builds. When I shift that mindset and focus all the time and energy on myself, I’ve seen firsthand people and things beyond my perception fall onto me in a magical manner.

> Tie yourself to goals, not things.

The world does not stop for your grief

  • If you’re sad or upset about something or someone, the world doesn’t stop for you to go through that. It keeps running. You have to pick yourself up, even if it’s by the collar sometimes, and keep going. That's a testament to your character.

💸 Invest in yourself

  • The greatest investment is the portfolio you hold between your eyes. No one can take that away from you, no matter the highs and lows.

📵 The savior complex is toxic

  • Stop trying to take the “Knight in shining armour" route in building any relationship, and ignoring your own interests and ambitions. You can't take care of someone else if you don't take care of yourself. Life is full of unopened doors, don't be stuck in a place that has changed the keys.

🐈 Curiosity SKILLED the cat

  • Curiosity is worth more than creativity these days. If you have a 'CAN DO' attitude, that trumps natural talent alone. Attitude breeds action, and that's attractive in any field.

Your heartache is just an emotional reaction

  • That feeling of immense sorrow and sadness is just that - a feeling. In the moment, it feels like chaos has ensued in your heart. But once time passes, you truly realise how many bullets you have dodged. Don’t let feelings cloud reality.

Time heals without hesitation

  • The passage of time works wonders in our lives. It’s what gradually reduces any pain or regret, and shows you the light. Allow patience to take over during this process.

✔️ Everything happens for a reason

  • My life is a testament to this. Whether it be moving interstate, starting a new job, or meeting an individual, everything happens for a reason, and the benefits that come out of that serendipity are moments that we need to behold to truly comprehend.

🗡️ Comparison is the killer of life

  • Yes, not just joy, it kills your life. When you compare, you deviate away from gratitude. That ruins you because you fail to see that what you have - there is ALWAYS someone else who is praying for something that you may have.

❤️ Everyone is not a leader, but everyone can become a leader

  • The head of a business is not the only leader. Everyone is a leader in their own right - they just haven't stepped into the horizons of responsibility yet. Leadership can be taught and nurtured.

👍 The greatest thing about life is that the best is yet to come

  • The best thing about life is knowing that the best is yet to come. Storms always pass. Cloudy skies always disperse. Never lose faith that things get better. And when you can and it is safe to do so, give the hug that you need to someone else. Trust me, it helps both of you.

❄️ Own your quirks

  • The integral lesson I learned with my public speaking career is that authenticity pays dividends. Instead of emulating someone else, lean into your quirks and natural tendencies, and people will resonate with you more.

🤔 Happiness is a choice

  • You are what you think. Think responsibly with kindness.

As always, there's ambition in my coffee - I hope it's in yours too!

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