My Speaking Engagements:


  • TEDxReddam House 'Your racism made me stronger'

  • TEDxMonash University 'Leaders are frauds too'

  • Speaker at Affinity Intercultural Foundation webinar on 'Youth Mental Health in the Digital Age of Covid-19' in September 2021

  • Speaker at Reshape Summit 'Investing in our future' ft. Barack Obama

  • Speaker at the ABC Radio Canberra on 'ACT immigrant Jahin Tanvir named as a finalist for the 2022 ACT Young Australian of the Year award category'

  • Speaker at the 'Consumers' role in sustainable healthcare systems: Towards 2031' in the Shifting Gears Conference on March 2021

  • Guest Speaker at Optometry Australia's Student Leadership event on the topic of 'Advocacy parallel to healthcare' in November 2021

  • Speaker at Ethnolink webinar 'Inside the Mind's of Australia's Multicultural Youth' on April 2021

  • Speaker at the COVID-19 Vaccine Roundtable for Youth of culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse communities for the Australian Department of Health on March 2021, alongside Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd

  • Guest Lecturer at University of Melbourne's PSYC90062 on 'Mental health and young people' in September 2021

  • Speaker at the Sydney Children's Hospital Youth Council on 'The importance of Resilience' in September 2021

  • Speaker at CHF's National Youth Summit on 'Disadvantage in Health' in September 2021

  • Speaker with Emma Davidson MLA - Member for Murrumbidgee on Youth Mental Health in Canberra in September 2021

  • Speaker at the Bridging Us Imposter Syndrome Workshop in October 2021

  • Speaker at the ACT Climate Talk panel in November 2021

  • Guest Speaker at the Asia Education Youth School Forum in November 2021

  • Guest Speaker at NSW Volunteer of the Year 'Bridge to Volunteering' event in December 2021

  • Guest Speaker on Generation Mental Health's 'Effects of Social Media and News on Mental Health' panel in November 2021

  • Speaker on the Young Blood Men's Mental Health Matters podcast in September 2021

  • Guest Speaker at The Lens on Strength training session for ABCD Development in September 2021

  • Speaker at Every Child Alliance's 'It takes 6' Panel discussion on children's health on February 2021

  • Speaker at the National Youth Homelessness Conference on 'Cohort based responses' on June 2021

  • Guest Speaker at Radiant's Young Visionary Lab Week 2 session on 'The Beauty of Networking' on April 2021

  • Speaker at the Heart of Heritage Art Exhibition 'Exploring identity, culture & belonging on April 2021

  • Speaker at Campus Consultancy's webinar on 'International students and facilitation' on July 2021

  • Speaker at the MYAN Sector Forum on 'Mental health in multicultural communities' in June 2021

  • Speaker at the 'Shaping a sustainable health system through collaboration' Panel discussion at the Health System Sustainability NHMRC Partnership Centre in July 2021

  • Speaker at the Better Futures Australia Forum Panel discussion on 'Australia's voice and where to from here?' on August 2021

  • Guest Speaker at Democracy in Colour's Western Sydney Climate Justice Fellowship Workshop on the topic of 'Experiences in the media' on August 2021

  • Speaker on the 7NEWs Inspirational Australians Awards Australia Podcast

  • Speaker at Alive 90.5 Spotlight podcast episode 'Inspiring the younger generation to shine even in the tumultuous times.'

  • Guest Speaker on the Shore Project podcast episode 4: Multicultural advocacy and identity in September 2021

  • Speaker at the Mental Health Foundation Podcast in October 2021

  • Speaker at Campbelltown Local Candidates Forum in November 2021

  • Speaker in Milan, Italy as part of the Youth 4 Climate summit on September 2021


  • Guest Speaker at Australasian Aid Conference at the Australian National University on February 2020

  • Guest Speaker at Parliament House of Australia in Canberra on March 2020

  • Speaker at the National Youth Commission's Youth Future's Summit on August 2020, alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison

  • Speaker at Ripple's Career, Community & Civic Impact Virtual Series on June 2020, alongside Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Former Adviser to Barack Obama

  • Speaker at Oaktree's Changemaker conference representing the ACT on August 2020

  • Speaker at NSW Mental Health Commission's Panel discussion on the topic of 'Young people and coping for the future' on November 2020

  • Speaker at the National Vaping and Young People Roundtable at Lung Foundation Australia on December 2020

  • Speaker on The PoWEr of CommUNITY podcast titled 'Action Cures Fear' on July 2020

  • MC at ACT Human Rights Commission Panel on November 2020 ft. Commissioner Jodie Griffiths-Cook

  • MC at Consumer Health Forum's Webinar on 'Effective communication in health policy' on October 2020

  • Also appeared multiple times on ABC National Radio, ABC Radio Sydney, ABC Radio Canberra, Koori Radio 93.7 FM, SBS Radio, FBi Radio, Alive 97.5, and 2XX Canberra Radio.


  • Speaker at a number of high schools in NSW and ACT as Headspace Volunteer Presenter on topics such as mental health management and engaging young people with strategies to cope

Also speaking via: