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My recent




  • 'We Should Be Discussing Climate Change As a Health Problem, Too' in Zee Feed in February 2021

  • 'Glaucoma & Lifestyle: Q & A with Professor Robert Casson' in Glaucoma Australia in July 2021

  • 'Health consumers changing the system – looking to 2031' in Journal of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia in April 20

  • 'How I Convinced My Bangladeshi Immigrant Parents To Get The Vaccine, If You Need Some Tips' in Pedestrian TV in July 2021

  • 'Discrimination, belonging and health' in the Australian Government's Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in June 2021

  • 'Young Australians have returned to mainstream news but will it last?' in Sydney Morning Herald in January 2021

  • 'Having fun and socializing without drinking alcohol' in ABC Everyday in April 2021

  • 'Young Australians’ COVID response shows they’re far from irresponsible' in' in August 2021

  • 'Celebrating remarkable tales of volunteering across Macarthur' in The Centre of Volunteering in September 2021

  • 'Worthy locals recognised in Volunteer of the Year awards' in Macarthur Advertiser in September 2021


  • 'Young people are anxious about coronavirus. Political leaders need to talk with them, not at them' in The Conversation and UniMelb Find an Expert in April 2020

  • 'Discrimination and the effects on young people’s wellbeing' in the Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health in June 2020

  • 'Breaking down barriers to care' Croakey Medical Journal in August 2020

  • 'Opening young eyes, raising young voices' in UNICEF Voices of Youth in April 2020

  • 'The importance of empowering one's skin tone' in Changing Times Newspaper in September 2020

  • 'My country is burning and I feel hopeless' in YMCA's WhyNot in January 2020

  • 'Mental health is an imperative, irrespective of your degree' in Generation Mental Health in July 2020

  • 'Adversity to Ambition' in KOS Magazine in November 2020

  • 'Young people's needs aren't new, they've been overlooked for years' in June 2002

  • 'Controlling fear by speaking out' in The Bowen Street Press Anthology in June 2020

  • 'Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children' in KOS Magazine in October 2020

  • 'Amplifying the needs of young people as a nation-building priority' in Every Child Alliance in August 2021

  • 'The three C's to navigating and coping as a student in the new environment' in Young Optometrists NSW/ACT in November 2020

  • ' Equitable Healthcare and More' at One Million Youth Leaders in August 2020

  • 'It's my story' in Multicultural NSW Government in October 2020

  • 'Like a Gladiator' in Arizona State University's Journal of the Plague Year in April 2020

  • 'The importance of a mentor' in YMCA Youth Voices in June 2020

  • 'Unsung Human' in Anytime Fitness Australia in May 2020

  • 'Child Focused Aid' at the Australian National University's Aid Development paper in February 2020

  • Co-author of the 'Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Government Response to COVID-19' in Consumers Health Forum of Australia in May 2020



  • 'Front Line' and 'The Cycle of Sacrifice' in the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival in September 2021

  • 'Torchbearer' in the Global Advocate 2021- Issue 2: Bodies in August 2021

  • 'Disservice to the environment' in Red Room Poetry in February 2021

  • 'Conversation with the child within' in The Burrow journal in September 2021

  • 'Palestine' in Red Room Poetry in February 2021

  • 'Identity crisis' in YMCA's WhyNot in April 2021

  • 'Disadvantaged from birth' in YMCA's WhyNot in May 2021

  • 'Dark of the moon' in YMCA's WhyNot in May 2021

  • 'Escapism' in Monash University's Lot's Wife Edition 1 in March 2021

  • 'Breaking the bamboo ceiling' in Sweet and Sour Issue Growth in March 2021


  • 'Thalassic daughter' in Monash University's Lot's Wife in June 2020

  • 'Unbridled desire' in The Curieux Paradoxical issue in March 2020

  • 'A memoir in isolation' in Express Media's Making Tracks in June 2020

  • 'Like a gladiator' in La Trobe University's Rabelais Magazine, Mind and Body Issue in July 2020

Artwork 'Invisible' to be featured in the Laneway of Lived Experience at the Say Kitchen Adelaide Art Gallery, set to be published in late October 2021